You will find here systematic build -up of 1000 Interview questions of Front Office Department from basics to deepest knowledge. From OCLD to ITC Welcome Group advance Interviews to Intial Interviews all the questions are summarize in this set of Front Office Interview Question.The objective is to help


i.For making powerpoint presentations

ii.Understanding depth of the topic/sub-topics of a chapter

iii.Preparing Lectures

iv.Preparing Hotel Management Learners for interviews


i.Guiding them what to read in a topic/sub-topic

ii.Guiding them what & how to prepare  for Interviews


i.For selecting best candidates

  1. What is Front Office Department?
  2. What is Front Desk?
  3. What are the different parts of Front Office Department?
  4. What is a Concierge?
  5. What is Bell Desk?
  6. Name different types of keys used in front office department?


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