You will find here systematic build -up of 1000 Interview questions of Food & Beverage Service from basics to deepest knowledge. From OCLD to ITC Welcome Group advance Interviews to Intial Interviews all the questions are summarize in this set of Food & Beverage  Service Interview Question.The objective is to help


i.For making powerpoint presentations

ii.Understanding depth of the topic/sub-topics of a chapter

iii.Preparing Lectures

iv.Preparing Hotel Management Learners for interviews


i.Guiding them what to read in a topic/sub-topic

ii.Guiding them what & how to prepare  for Interviews


i.For selecting best candidates

  1. What is Food & Beverage Service?
  2. Describe the hierarchy of food & beverage service department?
  3. Name types of catering.
  4. Name types of menu.
  5. What is Menu planning?
  6. What are the constraints of menu planning?
  7. Name types of beverages?
  8. Explain French Classical Menu.
  9. What is a Cover?
  10. What is the size of large plate?
  11. What is the size of side plate?
  12. What is an horsdoeuvre?
  13. Name Classical horsdoeuvre?
  14. What is a caviar?
  15. Give the table layout of caviar?
  16. How caviar is served?
  17. Give the table layout of Cantaloupe?
  18. How Cantaloupe is served?
  19. Give the table layout of English breakfast?
  20. What is B&B?
  21. Name some napkin folding.
  22. Name types of beverages?
  23. What are the different types of food service.
  24. Name food service establishments.
  25. Name types of Restaurant.
  26. What is a Bistro?
  27. What is a Brasserie?
  28. What is a Coffee Shop?
  29. What is a Specialty Restaurant?
  30. What is a Fine Dining Restaurant?
  31. What is a Take away?
  32. What is a Popular Restaurant?
  33. What is a Dhaba?
  34. What is a Fast Food Joint?
  35. What is Rotisserie?
  36. What is a Barbeque Restaurant?
  37. What is Night Club?
  38. What is a Discotheque?
  39. What is an Ice Cream Parlour?
  40. What is a Cafe?
  41. What is a Cafeteria?
  42. What is Food Court?
  43. What is Kiosk?
  44. What is a Drive In?
  45. What is a Oyster Bar?
  46. What is a Pub?
  47. What is Bar?
  48. What is a Carvery?
  49. What is American Service?
  50. What is Bain Marie?
  51. What is Basting?
  52. What is Bombe?
  53. What is a Budget?
  54. What is a Cabaret?
  55. What is Cassata?
  56. What is Coupe?
  57. What is cyclic menu?
  58. What is a Gueridon?
  59. What is a Gueridon service?
  60. What is a marinade?
  61. What is an Oyster?
  62. What is oyster cruet?
  63. What is a Package?
  64. What is Silver service?
  65. What is Skewer?
  66. Who is a Sommelier?
  67. What is a Stand alone restaurant?
  68. What is a Sundae?
  69. What is Turnover?
  70. What is wait staff?
  71. What is Food cost?
  72. What is Silver Service?
  73. What is a Buffet?
  74. What is State Buffet?
  75. What is Sit Down Buffet?
  76. Which restaurant is operates round the clock?
  77. Give examples of Welfare Catering?
  78. What is the difference between Coffee Shop and Speciality Restaurant?
  79. What is the difference between Night Club and Discotheque?
  80. What is Transport Catering?
  81. Give examples of Transport Catering?
  82. How Transport Catering is different from normal catering?
  83. What are the two main sectors of Food Service Industry
  84. More Coming Soon………..


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