The word “salad” comes from the Latin word “sal” for “salt” since  salt was an important ingredient in dressing during ancient times.Romans and Greeks enjoyed raw vegetables with dressing, vinegar, oil, herbs, and salt were favourite dresing. It was in the 17th century  chef’s began to create composed salads with layers of ingredients. 


Salad can be defined as an individual dish or  combination ,of greens,vegetables,meat,poultry,fish dried,raw,cooked &/or uncooked mixed with a dressing and a garnish/decorative ingredient served as an appetizer,whole meal or a side-dish in a most presentable way.


There are 4 components of a salad

1.UNDERLINER-That part of a salad which acts as a base on which the body of the salad/main ingredients of the salad are placed.It enhances colour,appearance and taste of the salad.

e.g. All types of vegetable green

2.BODY-It is the main ingredient/s of salad that give/s the name to the salad to which dressing is added and it is served with or without underliners and garnish.


* Cole Slaw-Julliennes of carrot and cabbage in vinaigrette dressing/mayonnaise dressing.

* Russian Salad-Dices of Boiled potatoes,carrot,french bean dressed in mayonnaise.

3.GARNISH-As the name suggests it is the decorative ingredient which enhances eye apeal and taste as well.


Cherries,Berries,Salad Greens etc.

4.DRESSING-Dressing is that part of salad which makes the ingredients more palatable.They add mixed flavour to a salad salty,tangy,sweet,bitter in any combination or individually.The body of a salad is mixed with it making myriad of flavours at one place adding vast variety to this course of menu.It makes a salad more appetising.


There are basically three types of salads.

1.GREEN SALAD-Salad made out of green leafy vegetables,herbs and sprouts.Single ingredient and in any combination served with a simple dressing like vinaigrette.The single or main ingredient gives the name of the salad.


Lettuce (lettuce/salad leaves with vinaigrette dressing).

2.SIMPLE SALAD: It is that type of salad which has a single ingredient and the name is given after this ingredient. EXAMPLES

Chicory Salad-Chicory with mustard dressing

Celery Salad-Chopped celery with vinaigrette dressing

Cabbage Salad- Juliennes of cabbage with vinaigrette or mustard dressing,

Cucumber Salad -Roundels of cucumber with vinaigrette dressing

3.COMPOUND SALAD-Also known as composed salad they are made up of more than one ingredient are more elaborate and have heavy dressings like mayonnaise,cream etc.


  • Fish based: Parisienne, Belle de Nuit, hollandaise etc.

  • Vegetable based: Tossed salad, Cole slaw, etc.

  • Poulty, game or meat base: Carmen, Hongroise, Chatelaine etc.

  • Fruit based: Dalila, Waldorf, etc.


Salad dressing is a sauce which compliments the flavour of the salad.

It can be classified into three types based on degree of emulsification.

1.Permanent Emulsion

A stable mixture of two or more immiscible liquids .

It includes

i.Mayonnaise dressing

ii.Hollaindaise dressing

iii.Cream based dressing

1v.Cheese based dressing

v.Yoghurt based dressing

vi.Tomato sauce based dressing

2.Temporaray Emulsion

i.Vinaigrette dressing

3.Simple Dressing

i.Lemon dressing

ii.Olive Oil dressing

iii.Flavoured Oil dressing