Poultry and game- classification preparation and cuts with uses


Game, in gastronomy, the flesh of any wild animal or bird

In general, game is drawn and allowed to cool after being killed and then hung for several days

The meat of young game is generally easily digested. Small birds, usually eaten within a short time after the kill, are considered to be as digestible as poultry


Classification On the Basis of Production

On the basis of production chicken are of three types.


Layer is for egg production. Some popular layer breeds are Leghorn, Minorca, AnconaFayoumi, Isa Brown, Babycock, Star Cross, Lohman etc.


Broiler chicken are only for meat production. Plymouth rockCornish, Sussex, DorkingCochinBrahmaAsil, Star Brow, Hi-line etc. are popular broiler breeds.

Egg and Meat

This types of breed are used for the purpose of both egg and meat production. Rhode island redNew HampshirePlymouth Rock etc. are popular breeds for both meat and egg production.

Whether the bird in questions is a chicken, a turkey, a duck or a goose, the same terminology applies.

chicken drumsDrumstick

The drumstick is a firm favourite for barbecuing or frying, either in batter or rolled in bread crumbs. Drumsticks are very good value too.


Wings do not supply very much meat, but are ideal and very popular party or finger food. They can be fried, roast or barbecued, with or without a marinade or glaze.


The thigh is suitable for casseroling and other slow-cooking methods. Thigh meat has a lot of flavour, and is often the cut recommended for curry or oriental dishes.


This comprises of the drumstick and thigh. Large pieces with bones, such as this, are suitable for slow-cooking, such as casseroling or poaching. They can also be roast, and some people use the roast legs to make home made soup or stock.

chicken breastsBreast or Fillet

The tender white meat of the breast is the most popular part of the chicken. It is available either on the bone, or as a fillet. Chicken breast can be simply cooked in butter or can be stuffed, coated or wrapped for extra flavour. It is an extremely versatile cut.