Optimizing Success with BHA205: Delving into Rooms Division Operations-II (Theory) – Unit 3: Unveiling Fabric Care Strategies



a) Linen Room:

Activities Performed:

Receiving and sorting linen from various departments.

Checking for damages and stains.

Recording linen inventory.

Sending soiled linen to the laundry.

Distributing clean linen to different departments.

Linen Exchange Procedures:

Regularly exchange linen based on set par levels.

Implement a first-in-first-out (FIFO) system to prevent aging of linen.

Inspect returned linen for damages or stains and document any issues.

Storage of Linen:

Store linen in a well-ventilated, clean, and organized manner.

Use shelves or racks to prevent direct contact with the floor.

Implement proper labeling for easy identification.

b) Laundry:

Types of Laundry:

Regular laundry for linens and uniforms.

Guest laundry services.

Specialized services like dry cleaning.

Services Offered in a Laundry:

Washing: Regular cleaning of linens.

Finishing: Ironing and folding of laundered items.

Dry Cleaning: Cleaning delicate fabrics without using water.

Stain Removal: Specialized treatment for stains.

Wash Cycle for Different Linen Items:

Adjust wash cycles based on fabric type, color, and degree of soiling.

Delicate items may require gentler cycles, while heavily soiled items may need a more rigorous wash.

Laundry Cycle in a Hotel:

Collection of soiled linen.

Transportation to the laundry.

Sorting and pre-treatment.

Washing and finishing.

Quality control checks.

Packaging and distribution.

Laundry Equipment and Machines:

Industrial washing machines.


Ironing and pressing machines.

Dry cleaning machines.

Folding machines.

Laundry Agents (Any Five Brands):

Tide Professional.





International Laundry Symbols:

Understanding symbols for washing, bleaching, drying, ironing, and dry cleaning.


Guest Laundry & Guest Laundry Cycle with Formats:


Offer self-service or hotel-assisted guest laundry options.

Guest Laundry Cycle: Collection, labeling, washing, finishing, packaging, and return.

Fabric care operations are critical to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and presentation in a hotel. Effective management of linen and laundry services ensures guest satisfaction and contributes to the overall success of the establishment.