Mastering BHA205: Unveiling the Essentials of Rooms Division Operations-II (Theory) – Unit 1: Elevating Excellence in Public Area Upkeep and Maintenance

Unit 1: PUBLIC AREA – Upkeep and Maintenance



Maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of public areas is crucial in the hospitality industry. A well-kept public area contributes significantly to the overall guest experience. This unit will explore the upkeep and maintenance of both the front and back of the house, emphasizing the importance of creating a positive first impression.


  1. a) Front of the House and Back of the House:

Front of the House: This refers to areas visible and accessible to guests, such as the entrance, lobby, F & B areas, and leisure spaces.

Back of the House: These are areas not directly visible to guests, including employee areas, housekeeping spaces, and administration offices.

 b) Role in Creating First Impression:

The cleanliness and maintenance of the front of the house directly impact the first impression guests form about the establishment.

A well-maintained and clean front of the house establishes a positive perception of the entire facility.


  1. c) Frequency of Cleaning Various Front of the House Areas:

Entrance, main gate, periphery, parking, landscaped areas, main porch, main door, lobby, public restrooms, executive offices, business center, elevators, escalators, corridors, staircases, F & B areas, and leisure areas should be cleaned regularly.

The frequency of cleaning may vary based on foot traffic and usage patterns.


  1. d) Frequency of Cleaning Back of the House Areas:

Employee cafeteria, administration and sales offices, employee areas, and housekeeping areas require regular cleaning.

Cleaning schedules for these areas should consider operational hours and usage.


Establishing a comprehensive schedule for public area cleaning is essential for maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. The schedule should include specific tasks for each area and the frequency at which they need attention.

 Problems Faced During PA Cleaning and Their Solutions:

 1.High Foot Traffic: Increased foot traffic can lead to more frequent cleaning needs. Solutions include scheduling more frequent cleanings during peak hours and using durable materials that are easy to clean.

2.Special Events: Events may generate additional mess and require quick turnaround cleaning. Planning for such events and having a dedicated cleaning team can address this challenge.

3.Equipment Breakdowns: Regular maintenance of cleaning equipment is vital to prevent breakdowns. Have backup equipment available and a maintenance schedule in place.

4.Efficient upkeep and maintenance of public areas contribute significantly to guest satisfaction, making it imperative for hospitality establishments to prioritize cleanliness and create positive impressions.