You will find here systematic build -up of 1000 Interview questions of Food Production from basics to deepest knowledge. From OCLD to ITC Welcome Group advance Interviews to Intial Interviews all the questions are summarize in this set of Food Production Interview Question.The objective is to help


i.For making powerpoint presentations

ii.Understanding depth of the topic/sub-topics of a chapter

iii.Preparing Lectures

iv.Preparing Hotel Management Learners for interviews


i.Guiding them what to read in a topic/sub-topic

ii.Guiding them what & how to prepare  for Interviews


i.For selecting best candidates

  1. What is an horsdeuvre?
  2. How the horsdeuvre came to be defined in the present form?Give a brief history?
  3. Name classical horsdeuvres.
  4. What is duchess Nantua?
  5. What kind of food is served as Horsdeuvre?
  6. Soup is an horsdeuvre?true or false.
  7. What is a sauce?
  8. What is a stock?
  9. What is a soup?
  10. What is a coulis?
  11. What is a clear soup?
  12. What is a broth?
  13. What is a bouillon?
  14. What is a consommé?
  15. What is a thick soup?
  16. What is a thin soup?
  17. What is a bisque?
  18. What is a passed soup?
  19. What is un-passed soup?
  20. What is crème de tomate?
  21. What is crème Saint Germain?
  22. What is mother sauce?
  23. How many mothers sauces are there?
  24. Name 6 mother sauces
  25. Why they are called mother sauce?
  26. What is brown sauce?
  27. What is brown sauce called in French?
  28. What is white sauce?
  29. What is white sauce called in French?
  30. What is cloute?
  31. What is veloute?
  32. What is mayonnaise?
  33. What is hollaindaise?
  34. What is an emulsified sauce?
  35. What is an Emulsion?
  36. What is Compound butter?
  37. Name 7 International soups and sauce?
  38. What is roux?
  39. What is dextrinisation?
  40. What is brown roux?
  41. What is white roux?
  42. What is blonde roux?
  43. What is the difference between white roux and brown roux?
  44. What is the difference between brown sauce and white sauce?
  45. Give the recipe of 1 litre of White sauce/Brown sauce.
  46. Give the recipe of 1 litre of Brown stock/White stock.
  47. What is proprietary sauce?
  48. What are basic sauce?
  49. What is contemporary sauce?
  50. Name 5 compound butters.
  51. Name 5 derivatives of each mother sauce.
  52. What is Mornay Sauce?How it is prepared?
  53. What is soubise?Which is the main ingredient used in soubise/which is the dominant flavour in the soubise.
  54. Who is the father of sauce?
  55. Which sauce is used in spaghetti bolognaise?It is derivative of which sauce?How it is prepared?
  56. What is the French word for sauce?
  57. What is the importance of sauce in kitchen/in food preparation?
  58. What are the important points to consider while making sauce?
  59. Why stocks become cloudy?
  60. What are the important points to consider while preparing a stock?
  61. What is brown stock called in French?
  62. What is white stock called in French?
  63. How do you make vegetable stock?
  64. How fish stock is made?What is it technically called?
  65. What is glaze?
  66. How you prepare demi glaze?
  67. What is the colour of consomme?
  68. Consomme is passed or unpassed soup?
  69. Name 10 garnishes of  consomme?
  70. What is the use of egg in preparing consomme?
  71. Consomme is a ——Soup?
  72. Give recipe for 1 litre of consomme.
  73. What is consomme royale?
  74. What is consomme brunnoise?
  75. What is consomme celestine?
  76. What is raft in consomme?
  77. What is binding agent in consomme?
  78. Who was Auguste Escoffier?
  79. What is vinaigrette?
  80. How you prepare vinaigrette?
  81. How is Madiera sauce preapred?
  82. Chasseur is derivative of which sauce?
  83. Orange sauce is served with which meat?
  84. What is poor man’s sauce?
  85. Explain Chaud Froid sauce.
  86. What is fish stock called?
  87. Russian sauce is derivative of which sauce?
  88. Tartar sauce is derivative of which sauce?
  89. Name the ingredients of Tartar Sauce?
  90. What is potage?
  91. What kind of food preparation was potage in earlier times?
  92. Why the soup must be in harmony with rest of the menu?
  93. What is the base of a soup?
  94. What are two big categories/classification of soups?
  95. What is Liaison in soup?
  96. What are the three classifications of thick soups?
  97. What are bouillies?
  98. What kind of thickening agents are used in bouillies?
  99. What is compound soup?
  100. What is grande marmite?
  101. What is difference between grande marmite and petit marmite?
  102. What are the best cut of beef for consomme?
  103. Which part of beef is pis de boeuf?
  104. What are nourishing and aromatic ingredients used in making consomme?
  105. What is the maximum time for cooking a consomme?
  106. What is clarifying agent?Why is it called so?
  107. What is bouquet garni?
  108. Name any 10 consomme with garnishes?
  109. What is pot-au-feu?
  110. Which bread goes with consomme?
  111. What is the basic element of cream soup?
  112. Name some garnishes used for cream soup?
  113. Give 10 names of cream soup.
  114. A la Conde is puree soup of which food item?
  115. Soissonnaise is puree soup of which food item?
  116. Crecy is puree soup of which food item?
  117. What is demi-setier?
  118. What is bain marie?
  119. What is the history of Soup’a la Rein’?
  120. What is mire poix?
  121. What is the difference between mire-poix and bouquet garni?
  122. What is the base of Veloute soups?
  123. What liaison agent used for making veloute soup?
  124. What is court bouillon?
  125. What is a broth?
  126. What is the difference between broth and bouillon?
  127. Explain Potage Ambassadeurs?How it is prepared?
  128. Explain Andalusian soup?How it is prepared?
  129. What is chiffonade?
  130. What is Cock-a-Leekei soup?
  131. What is onion soup called?
  132. Give examples of cold soup.
  133. What is Soupe Au Fromage?
  134. What is borsch?
  135. What is Polish borsch?
  136. What is Botvinya?
  137. What is a chowder?
  138. What is a Clam Chowder?
  139. What is Manhattan clam chowder?
  140. Gulyas soup is from which country?
  141. What is Minestrone?
  142. Minestrone belongs to which country?
  143. How you prepare minestrone?
  144. What is Mulligatawny?
  145. Mulligatawny belongs to which country?
  146. How you prepare mulligatawny?
  147. How you prepare Turtle soup?
  148. Turtle Soup Belongs to which country?
  149. What is Louche?
  150. Which part of veal is used for Butsega soup?